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Facetogenic Pain:

This accounts for 15-45% of chronic back pain and is due to arthritic changes is the facet joints in the back. Patients complain of aching and stiffness in the lumbar spine that often radiates into the buttock and thigh, worst on getting up in the morning and on bending backwards.


This is pain caused by entrapment of the nerves as they leave the spinal canal. Irritation of the nerves leads to electric shocks or burning pain going down the legs or arms. When severe it leads to weakness or numbness.

Spinal Stenosis:

This is a condition where there is narrowing of the spinal canal, often by disc bulges or bony spurs. It leads to cramping legs pains on walking that are usually relieved on sitting.


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Your pain experience can be greatly affected by your pain coping mechanisms.

We have strong links with pain psychologists who can help you develop strategies to improve your  pain control, level of activity and quality of life.


Physical therapy is useful in helping manage most pain conditions. It can help reduce muscle spasm, recondition muscles and train you to improve posture, flexibility and strength

Some recommended exercises are linked below